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Warsan Artan
LJ http://lawrencesdsu.blogspot.com
Kasey Cura    http://kaseycura.blogspot.com 
Ally Ferrell http://allyferrell.blogspot.com 
Bernard Gonzales 
Jill Finney http://jillkathleen2018.blogspot.com 
Jack Halpain halpainrws100.wordpress.com 
Tatiana Lai http://tatianalai.wordpress.com
Aidan Menell  https://thisisaidanswebsite.wordpress.com/  
Matthew Lujan http://mattlujany.wordpress.com 
Gerald Lappay 
Ashley Marx http://letsfigurethisouttogether123.blogspot.com/ 
Kyra Mitchell http://kyramitchell.blogspot.com 
Tony Pineda http://antoniopinata.wordpress.com 
Merrick Prestler http://merrickjprestler.wordpress.com 
Jelani Pritchard http://jelanipritchard.blogspot.com/
Brett Schwarz http://sdsurws100.blogspot.com 
Alex Schlack http://alexschlack.blogspot.com 
Chris Thomas http://christhomas81sdsu.wordpress.com
Karina Torres http://karinatorr.blogspot.com 
Lauren Vermillion http://vermillionrws100blog.wordpress.com 
Matthew Zipagan http://matthewzipagan.pbworks.com 
Brian Nguyen http://brianngyn95.livejournal.com 
Sabrina Tungol  http://sabrinatungol.livejournal.com/ 
Jacob Vander Griend  http://jakevandergriend.wordpress.com 
Natalie Goetz http://natalieloraine.blogspot.com/ 
Anthony Hernandez


Brett Stinson http://rwsbrettstinson.blogspot.com/
Alex Phousirith http://phousirithrws.blogspot.com/



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