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How to Use Your Wiki

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How to Edit Wiki Pages

When looking at a wiki page, you will notice two tabs in the upper left side above the Page's title, "VIEW" AND "EDIT." Click "edit." You will be able
to make changes to the page's contents (add, delete, reformat, move, etc.). After you have made the desired edits, there is an option to include a
description of what you have done. (This is only necessary if your users are receiving email notifications when the workspace is changed. In that case,
it can be a helpful feature.) Before you leave the page, you must click "Save" or "Save and Continue" at the bottom of the page, located just below
the Description text box. Otherwise, all changes will be lost.


In summation:

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to edit.
  2. Click "EDIT."
  3. Make desired changes.
  4. Describe your changes. (Optional).
  5. Save. 



Uploading a Document and Creating a Link to it


The quick and easy way

Drag and drop a file on to the page where you want the file to be, and where you will create a link to that file. To do this, click "edit," so you can edit
the page. Next, select the text you want the uploaded file to link to. Select the file you wish to upload from your file folder, and drop it on the
selected text. The wiki will transfer the file and create a link to it on the page. You can also drag images on to the page the same way.

Example: Creating a Link to A Syllabus File. Let us say you have a wiki page for your syllabus and assignments, and you want to upload
your syllabus and assignments file.  Follow these steps.

Step 1
: navigate to the syllabus page, click "edit," and type in "Syllabus". 
Step 2:  Select the word "Syllabus." 
Step 3: Open the folder where you syllabus file is. Select this file, and drag it across to the wiki page and "drop" it on the selected text "Syllabus."  
The wiki will copy the file and create a link. See the image below for help:



Step 4: Click "Save"

Once you are no longer editing the page, click on your link to make sure your document is visible or downloadable.  

If you wish to edit or delete the link, go to edit mode, then select the link, and hover over it. You should be give the option to delete
the link. You can then drag a new file to the selected text a create a new text.




Uploading Documents using the "Pages & Files" Tool

There is another way to upload files to your wiki. It takes more time but lets you create folders on the wiki to store files, and it helps you keep your wiki more organized. 



At the top left of the page click on "Pages & Files"



You will go to a page where files and folders are organized. It will look like this:




You can drag as many files as you wish to this page, and then create links to these files. To keep things organized, you can also create new folders
and store files in them. 


Example: Creating a Link to an Assignments File - you will go to the "Pages & Files" area, copy your syllabus file to this folder, then create a link to it.

Step 1: At the top left of the page click on "Pages & Files." 

Step 2: You will see there is already a "Syllabus & Assignments" folder. Click on this folder. 
Step 3: Drag your "Assignments" file to the folder page. 


Step 4: The file is now on your wiki, and you will next want to create a link to it from the "Syllabus and Assignments" page. 

Step 5: Navigate back to the "Syllabus and Assignments" page. Click "edit," and select the text "RWS100 Assignment Sequence."  

Step 6: Click on "Add Link," then click on "Browse Pages and Files," as shown below:



Step 7: Once you have done this you will see a list of files and folders. Select the file you want (Assignments) then click "Insert Link." 



Step 8: Click "Save"


To Create External Links

Creating links to external pages is simple. Go the page you want to create a link on.  Click edit, so the page is editable. Type in the text
that you want to use to create a hyperlink.
Select the "Add Link" tool in the task bar, and then enter the url of the site you want to link to. 



How to Add your Students to the Wiki

Update: there is now a super easy way to add users. Give your students the link to your wiki. Tell them to look at the top right of the wiki page. There will
be a link called "request account." 
Tell your students to click the link, add their email address, and press "send." As the wiki owner, you
will receive an email asking if you accept the request to join the wiki. Click "yes." 
Your student will be invited to join and set up a password. 
You will be notified when this happens and the student will appear as a user in the wiki's list of members.

The "old" ways to add users are listed below. They are more complex and involve more steps, but can be useful in certain circumstances.

To give your students accounts on your wiki, you will need their email address. You enter their email address into the wiki, and the wiki will email
the students and let them set up their own account. You can get their email addresses from blackboard by going to the 'Users" section and looking
up each one and pasting it, but it's slow and painful. It's probably easier to do a class exercise in which 
you divide the students into groups and have
each group collect email addresses, and then have one student email those to you. 

Step 1: Once you have their email addresses, look at the top left of you wiki and click the "Users" link:




Step 2:  You will go to the page listing users, shown below. Select the "Add more users" button, then paste your list of student email address into
the window that says "users to add" (The default permission for your students will be "writer." It is fine to leave this as the default). 



Step 3: Click the "add users" button. Your students will then receive an invitation to join the wiki. Tell them they may need to check
their spam folder to see it. Note: you can also create an account for your student on the spot. See the link that "create accounts for

your students," above? This will generate usernames and passwords that you can give the students. Use this if your student has trouble  




ALTERNATIVE way of adding users (fast and does not require emails)


If you don't want to add your students to the wiki by gathering their email addresses you can generate a set of usernames and passwords
for your students. This is fast and easy and can be done in class (this has the added benefit of keeping their email addresses from
being collected and stored).  


Step 1: Look at the top left of you wiki and click the "Users" link. Then click on the "add more users" button:




Step 2:  Click on the "create accounts for your students":



Step 3: You will be asked how many students you want to add. Select 25 (or a few more in case you need them). 

The wiki will generate a set of random user names and passwords. It will look like this:




Step 4: you can show students this list (or print it once you are done) and assign each student an account. It may be easiest

to print and have them type in their name, then have them enter this into the wiki in class using their laptop.



Managing Pages and Files

Once you have clicked on "Upload files," your computer's Finder Folder will automatically pop up. It is important to note that the file uploads into the Wiki
with the same title you save it as in your computer. You may want to rename your document as something specific and/or easy to locate. Select the document
or file you wish to upload. When you click "Choose" in your Finder Folder, you will be prompted with a question from PBWorks, asking whether you would like
to upload this document as a page or a file. This is entirely up to you. It will be hyperlinked the same way, but the final product's accessibility on the Wiki is
slightly different. 


If you choose to upload it as a Page, when you click on the document's link, all of your document and its content will be visible right away, within the Wiki. If
you choose to upload it as a File, when you click on the document's link, the title of your document will be there, but there will be one line on the page: "No
preview is available for [your document]. To view it, click the "Download" tab above." And just like there is an "EDIT" tab, there will be a "DOWNLOAD" tab as well.
Once you click "DOWNLOAD," the document will start downloading automatically in the user's browser. 


In summation:

  1. Find "Page Tools" column on the righthand side.
  2. Click "Images and files" tab underneath "Insert Links" heading. 
  3. Click "Upload files," located just beneath the "Pages" tab in grayish box.
  4. Select your document/file.
  5. Click "Choose."
  6. Decide whether to upload as a page or a file.
  7. Decide where to insert your link on the original page being edited.
  8. Create a link to your new page and/or file. (See "Creating a link" below). 


Creating Links

Thus far, you have only created a page and/or uploaded a document into the Wiki. While it is still accessible, it may not be convenient for other users to find.
At this point, you can create a link to your document and/or page (whichever you decided to do) two different, but equally effective ways:

  1. Simply refer to "Insert Links" on the righthand side, and select the appropriate tab, "Pages" or "Images and files," and click on your desired document. It
    will insert where your cursor was last on the Wiki page you are editing. --OR--
  2. Place your cursor on the desired location for the hyperlink or highlight the words you would like to actually BE the link. Refer to "Pages" tab under
    "Insert Links," and click "Insert a link to a new page."  The word(s) will immediately become blue and underlined or [new link] will appear, and you will be
    asked to "Enter part of a page name, web address, or file." This will connect your document/page to the link itself. 


Whichever way you choose to create the link, click "Save" or "Save and Continue" at the bottom of the page. Once you are no longer editing the page, click on
your link to make sure your document is visible or downloadable.  



Inserting Plugins, Videos and Java script

When editing a page you can select the "Insert" drop menu and select a video, plugin or java script.  You can insert a monitor that will register who
visits your page, and how many people visit it. You can insert social media from other sites. Some sites have an "insert script" option that lets you 
embed content from their site.  


For example, below I have embedded the squatty potty video by selecting going to the Squatty Potty youtube page and copying the script,

then choosing "Insert" from this wiki, and pasting in the script:



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